Nevertheless - Rotating Single-Origin

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Our rotating single-origin series, Nevertheless, celebrates women who are changing the game in the world of joe. For our first batch, we’re shining the spotlight on Rosalba Cifuentes of Mayan Harvest. Light roasted, this coffee bursts with notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Pink Apple and steals the show as a drip or iced coffee. These beans are a true testament to Rosalba’s commitment to quality and her community in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Info about the producer:

Born in Bella Vista, Mexico, Rosalba Cifuentes was shocked when she arrived in the US: she couldn’t find one cafe offering a single-origin coffee from Chiapas, Mexico, where her family had grown coffee for generations. 

So Rosalba founded Mayan Harvest, an import/export company, and resolved to advocate for her community and their coffee. After one year, however, Rosalba found more doors closed than opened. Nevertheless, she persisted. 


 100% Mexico
  Region: Chiapas
  Producer: Mayan Harvest; Rosalba Cifuentes

  Process: Washed

  Milk Chocolate
  Pink Apple

Roast Level:

Note: We roast beans every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders received by Tuesdays at 8 am will be roasted to order that day and will ship the next day, Wednesday. Orders received after 8 am on Tuesdays will be roasted to order the following Thursday and shipped that Friday.

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