Mirror, Mirror - Bolt Collab

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We’re kicking off our series of coffee collaborations by teaming up with the company that helped us get off the ground: Bolt Coffee Co. Our inaugural coffee “Mirror, Mirror” represents a partnership of two roasters whose values and standards truly reflect one another when it comes to sourcing and roasting the best beans possible.

Together with Bolt, we sourced this coffee from the Asombombo group, a collective of small producers in the municipality of Inza Cauca. This region of Colombia boasts soil rich in minerals that are ideal for coffee production. It is also known for outstanding crop quality.

This Colombian coffee features notes of cranberry, cherry, and brown sugar, and is finished with a light roast for easy drinkability. A perfect go-to coffee for your drip maker.

Info about the producer:

The Asombombo group was formed to help local small producers seek out better markets for their product and, together as a co-op, is dedicated to focusing on improved quality and clean agricultural practices over the next several years. We’re proud to support these farmers and their livelihood.


100% Colombia
  Region: Inza, Cauca
  Process: Washed


  Brown Sugar

Roast Level:

Note: We roast beans every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders received by Tuesdays at 8 am will be roasted to order that day and will ship the next day, Wednesday. Orders received after 8 am on Tuesdays will be roasted to order the following Thursday and shipped that Friday.

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