Chelsea - Medium Roast

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Chelsea is one of our three flagship blends - a careful mix of an Ethiopian coffee and a deeply floral, honey-process Colombian coffee.

As a drip coffee, Chelsea presents a soft, clean-bodied cup while emphasizing a distinct, sweet tea flavor throughout. The cup finishes with the lightly fruity familiarity of Earl Grey tea while maintaining a deep floral presence.

As an espresso, Chelsea presents a bright citrus blossom acidity with a soft, red tea body. The shot finishes with a subtle lavender note.


70% Ethiopia
  Region: Butucha
  Process: Grade 1, Washed

30% Colombia
  Region: Aponte Community Lot
  Process: Honey

  Sweet Tea

Roast Level:

Note: We roast beans every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders received by Tuesdays at 8 am will be roasted to order that day and will ship the next day, Wednesday. Orders received after 8 am on Tuesdays will be roasted to order the following Thursday and shipped that Friday.

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