One Farm This Time: HSG

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Our “One Farm This Time” series focuses on single origin coffees from individual producers and farms. Our goal here is to source beans from as close to the farm level as possible. This batch hails from Hacienda Santa Gertrudis, a 66-year-old farm in southern Ecuador. We feel lucky to have secured such a delicious crop from an origin that’s generally quite elusive. We gave these beans a medium roast, and our taste buds pick up notes of brown sugar, jade, and lime-ginger candy. 

Note: We roast beans every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders received by Tuesdays at 8 am will be roasted to order that day and will ship the next day, Wednesday. Orders received after 8 am on Tuesdays will be roasted to order the following Thursday and shipped that Friday.


  Region: Loja
  Producer: Hacienda Santa Gertrudis

  Process: Washed

  Brown Sugar

Roast Level:

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